Hidden Skills To Become A Expert In Digital Marketing
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Life is continuously moving from tradition to digital. Because technology is also evolving day by day it’s been predicted that in future around by 2030 many of the job will be obsolete. Being a marketer we also have to get a head so that we don’t lose our jobs. To do so jump to digital marketing if still you are doing or learning digital marketing you will be left behind start today. You are living in information age so to start learning Digital Marketing you don’t have to spend so much money on coaching and all. For basic of digital marketing you can subscribe my blog GrowMyBusiness where I post blog what’s going on digital marketing Or Get certified by Google Digital Unlocked it free of cost.

So here are some most demanding skills

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).                   What is SEO..? Read Here!
  • SMO (Social Media Marketing).                        What is SMO..? Read Here!
  • PPC (Pay per Click) It’s a google AdWords.       What is PPC/SEM..?  Read Here!
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing).                        What is SMO..? Read Here!
  • Email Marketing

Form above you have to master one Skill. Because everyone need expert in there company or organisation. Learning skill doesn’t stop there only there are few more skill that you should know, But you don’t have to master them but yes are important. Without these skills you will not become expertise in the above Skills.

So Important skill list goes like this.

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing & Curation
  • Copywriting
  • Data Analysis

Let’s elaborate them why they are important:-

Let’s start with Data Analysis: Data Analysis is also called data science but you don’t have learn complete in depth data sciences you just have understand numbers that it you need this because you have to understand the Google Analytics so you can measure your performance whether your website is doing great or not from where your traffic is coming what is the age group of you audience, which type of device they are using to reach your website.

Content Marketing & Content Curation: Content is said to king in digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about content curation, But now days the content is in quantity but value added content is less the content which add some value to the person life that type of content is less. To hold the eye balls on your online platform you have continuously have curate some content that can be in any format.

Copywriting: It’s a main skill that everybody should learn & its must skill if you are a digital marketer or pursuing a career in Digital Marketing. Copy writing will help you in making Ads on social media. Writing engaging Emails that person read completely

Email Marketing: - It’s an important because being a digital marketer you should also build you E-mail list also. Because they will become your first customer data base. Then you can sell your digital product to them. Or you can pitch your new product to them through Email Marketing. You should know how you can collect emails from visitors.

Hidden Skills To Become A Expert In Digital Marketing

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