Ten Start-Ups That Failed In 2018


It is said that your startup will grow if you have a great idea. But no that’s not the truth or you can say incomplete truth, In the growth of any startup, a great idea is required because until and unless the product developed by any company is not solving the problem of a market the company will not grow. As not needs a product that no one needs. But the process of execution is matters more than just an idea. Most startups fail in there 5 yr. WHY..?

In every startup that has the most common was mainly found was improper execution of there plan most of them were lack of there GOALS of the business they just make plans for the long term and forget the short terms due to which execution is not good. Suppose you have decided and made a plan for the next 1 yr. you will do this that etc. But you have to make more short term plans using the technique called in Computer Science to make algorithm “ Divide and Conquer” The same way you have to break your long term goals to small chunk and conquer them. This allows you to take small-small steps towards your GOAL. If you do it consistency one day you will conquer your Big GOAL and You will be amazed when you behind the path of your journey.

The growth of any Business/Start-up Depends on Some point that is:-

  • Disciplined approach to their business
  • Hiring the right employees for your business
  • Having a strong leadership team
  • Ability to strategically use tools
  • he wise use of trusted outside providers
  • Creation of Monopoly in Business
  • Is Business idea is saleable or Not

So then list contains some Names of Startup that you have not listen. So let’s proceed to the list.

Just Buy Live

Launched in 2005

Head office in Mumbai

Founders: Bharat Balachandran & Sahil Sani

Type: Ecommerce

Est.Funding:$120 MN

Why Failed: Unsalable Business Model


Launched in 2013

Head Office in Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Founders: Anter Virk, Anish Basu Roy

Type: E-commerce

Est.Funding: $6.2 MN

Why Failed: Due to high companion


Launched in 2014

Head Office in Noida

Founders: Pushpit Pallav

Type: Logistics

Est.Funding: $2 MN

Why failed: Unknown

Zebpay India

Launched in 2014

Head Office in Singapore & Ahmedabad

Founders: Saurabh Aggarwal, Sandeep Goenka & Mahin Gupta

Type: Fintech (Cryptocurrency)

Funding: $1 MN

Why Failed: RBI Ban Banks extending solution to Crypto.


Launched in 2014

Head Office: Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Founders: Bala Venkatachalam, Dev Vig, & Subhashini Subarmanium

Type: Healthtech

Funding: $1 MN

Why Failed: The startup is currently looking to solve technical errors on the platform after many of its customers reported the glitches


Launched in 2016

Head Office: Noida

Founders: Hitashi Garg, Ravi Wadhwa, Ravi Verma & Yogesh Garg

Type: Consumer Services

Funding: $500 K

Why Failed: Facing too much competition.

Tazzo Technologies

Launched: 2014

Head Office: Bengaluru

Founders: Priyam Saraswat, Shivangni Srivastava, Priyank Suthar, & Vikrant Gosain

Type: Transport

Funding: $ 225 K

Why Failed: Lack of Funding


Launched: 2015

Head Office: Bengaluru

Founders: Srikanth M, Narsimha BS

Type: Logistics

Funding: $147 K

Why Failed: Lack of Funding


Launched: 2015

Head Office: Gurugram

Founder: Devesh Rai, Hitha Uchil, & Varun Guru

Type: E-Commerce

Funding: Unknown

Why Failed: Lack Of Funding


Launched: 2015

Head Office: Bengaluru

Founder: Sanjay Rao, Sandeep Kannambadi

Type: Consumer Service

Funding: Unknown

Why Failed: Revenue Slowdown & Facing High Competition

These were some Startup that shut down in 2108, I know they are not that much famous. But startup is Startup. It's never the first startup that succeed. Behind every startup their line of unsucesseful hard work of starting a Business. So if you are on entrepreneurial journey then you can relate my thing what I am saying. So stay strong from inside. In my previous Blog Mindset required to Start a Startup/Business where I have briefly describe what it takes to start a business.

All The Best For Your Entrepreneurial Jeorney

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Ten Start-Ups That Failed In 2018

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