Terms and Conditions

These are the standard terms and conditions for Domain Registration, Internet Marketing and apply to all work undertaken by GrowMyBusiness Technologies for its clients.

Supply of Materials

You will have to provide all materials and information required by us in order to complete the work. If there is any inordinate delay in providing these materials to us, which results into disruption of work, we will have the prerogative to extend any previously agreed deadlines. If the progress of your work gets disrupted, due to your lackadaisical approach, we will have the sole right to invoice you for any parts of the work already completed.


Here at GrowMyBusiness you will have the freedom to make necessary revisions to the design proposal mutually agreed. But, those revisions are not endless and are subject to scrutiny from our expert team. If you make any alteration in the original design specification, you will have to pay the additional amount.

Project Delays and Client Liability

The speed of our work will depend upon your cooperation. If the nature of the project demands some useful information, material and these are not produced or provided by you, the delay in completion of the agreed work is bound to happen. And hence, it is your liability to furnish all that is required in the smooth completion of your project. We will not be liable if you fail to do what you are supposed to do for completing your project timely.


Maintaining your own backups will be a must for you. In any circumstance, we will not be held responsible for the data loss if any arising out of negligent act or omission by you.

Search Engines

We do not believe in Black Hat SEO. And this is the reason why we do not guarantee first page ranking in all major search engine results. But, since we know the nuances of SEO, ranking is something that will be guaranteed to you

Ownership of Domain Names and Web Hosting

>When you reimburse us for any expenses that we have incurred, we will provide you all the account confidential details for the domain name registration and/or the web hosting.

Cross Browser Compatibility

We do our level best to ensure that the websites created by us are in accordance with all the modern web browsers, like the most recent versions of Internet Explorer firefox, Google chrome and Safari Third party extensions where a user may not necessarily have the same level of support for all the browsers. Wherever appropriate, we will substitute alternative extensions or implement other solutions.


GrowMyBusinesss absolves itself from any responsibility that may arise due to the content of the materials provided on this site. We cannot be held responsible for any topicality, completeness or quality of the information provided on our website. We are not liable for any damage or loss that may be caused due to the use of any information provided, including any kind of information that is incomplete or incorrect. We have the sole right to change partly or completely the information provided by us on this website. We also reserve the right to delete any information without any prior announcement.
By using our website and the services, you agree to the terms and conditions specified by us.