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If you are going to dive into Digital Marketing you are a little bit late as the competition is increasing day by day. There is good news Its not too late to get started with Digital Marketing. But you have to push yourself forward more than others. Always remember “Hard work Can Beat Talent.” So read the full article if you really want dive into Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing..?

First, do you know what is marketing?
Promoting and showcasing the company’s product in a possible way. Like you see ads on Television, See ads in Newspaper, Poster, Hoarding, Radio and many more. These were the medium through marketers do promotion.this is also called Traditional Marketing. When the same thing is done through the electronic medium it becomes Digital Marketing. Like you see ads in YouTube, Banner ads in blog & article, Search Engine Marketing, ads in your Social Media concept is the same but the process has changed. In a proper way, we can say ” Digital Marketing is a process of showing ads and promotion on a digital channel such as Search Engines, Social Media, Display Ads through the Internet.”
This is what we called it Digital Marketing, Now you have known an outline of Digital Marketing.

What’s inside more in Digital Marketing.?

Digital Marketing is a vast field in itself. It has many more fields like:-

How to get started in Digital Marketing..?

There are two ways by which you can learn Digital Marketing 1) By simply joining some Institute. Which they will tell you only theory in that with a high cost in it. 2) By self-learning and learn from the experts through there online programs or free knowledge by them on social channels. I would recommend you go with the second option because in Digital Marketing you can get the theory knowledge over the Internet. and for practical knowledge, you try live on your project it will help you to develop your portfolio also.

What is your asset in Digital Marketing?

  • Your Website
  • Brand (logos, icons, acronyms, etc)
  • Your Contents (Image, Video, Articles etc.)
  • Social Media Pages.

When you set up your website on your favorite topic write blog your website try to rank on Google. The process of during ranking on google page is called SEO.

SEO has two parts 1) ON page SEO 2) OFF Page SEO.

Activities in ON Page:-

1. Page Titles

2. Meta Descriptions

3. Meta Tags

4. URL Structure

5. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)

6. Keyword Density

7. Image SEO

8. Internal Linking

Activities in OFF Page:-

1. Social Networking Sites

2. Blogging

3. Blog Marketing

4. Forum Marketing

5. Search Engine Submission

6. Directory Submission

7. Social Bookmarking

8. Link Baiting

9. Photo Sharing

10. Video Marketing

11. Business Reviews

12. Local Listings

13. Article Submission

14. Social Shopping Network

15. Answer Questions

Thanks For Reading Guys…..Stay Tune for more Content like this for learning Digital Marketing.

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What Is Digital Marketing ? How To Get Started In 2019 As A Career.

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